Currently we are working with the Sassandra Project, in the south-west of the Ivory Coast.

We chose to launch the project in Ivory Coast as it is a country with huge potential for introducing solar energy as an alternative energy source. Although solar power already exists in the country, it is still many people who need access to energy.


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The majority of population in Ivory Coast are farmers. Although interested in adapting solar technology, they do not have the capital necessary to cover its high upfront cost.

Lacking alternatives, people use flashlights with non rechargeable batteries and kerosene lamps, which are fire hazards and within a single year emit fumes that have an impact on the health equal to smoking 170 cigarettes.

We offer solar panels for small amounts, so the local population can have access to a safe and clean source of energy. By having access to the solar panels, means that children can study with regular lamps, people can work during the night, women can feel safe in a lighter environment, also charge phones and improve their daily lives.

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“Achieving modern energy for all by 2030 is possible and brings with it big benefits for minimal expenditure.” - International Energy Agency

Project Progress

Your contribution will give power to 12000 people. Join the movement and create be apart of the story that will see lives change.

4% €1250 of €29700


Of the countries where there is demand for off grid solar energy and we have a network, we finally landed on Côte d’Ivoire for the following reasons:

Solar potential:

With an average of six hours of sunlight a day and small seasonal variations in sunset and sunrise, there is great potential for solar energy in the country.


With 69 % of the rural population lacking access to electricity, there is great demand for off grid solar energy. This equals roughly 7,8 million people.

The economic outlook:

Described as Africa’s fastest growing economy in 2016 by the IMF, Côte d’Ivoire has seen enormous economic growth since the end of the civil war. Real GDP growth is forecasted to remain high.

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