Perspectives on Investing Advice Now

Perspectives on Investing Advice Now

1. Don’t Invest blindly

Equity assets such as stocks are a very important part of household asset allocation, but investing is a very professional and serious matter. If you want to buy stocks, please be fully prepared and never take chances. Although investing is not easy, there are some simple methods to follow, such as investing in undervalued index funds. These simple methods will make money if you persist in it for a long time.

2. Purchase of convertible bonds

If in a transaction, you will lose at most 10 dollars, but if you make a profit, you may make 20 dollars, and the probability of losing money is very low, and the probability of making money is high. What would you do? I believe that every reasonable friend will try as much as possible for such a transaction. That’s right, this is the purchase of convertible bonds.

3. Investing in ETFs

ETF is the fairest product. Compared with ordinary index funds (open-ended), ETF funds track the index better, almost in line with the trend of the index. The operation mechanism of ETF guarantees high transparency of ETF. It can be said that no other products, including on- and off-market fund products, can be as transparent as ETFs.

Secondly, ETF is a passive tracking index. The investment portfolio contains more targets and diversifies investment risks, which can effectively avoid the risks of individual stocks.

4. Don’t make high-risk investments such as digital currencies

Digital currencies such as Bitcoin have great volatility and cannot be used as a universal practical payment tool at all. Assuming digital currencies become a universal and practical payment tool, their currency prices will naturally stabilize for a long time. It is estimated that these people will never be Will participate in the transaction. From bitcoin to Litecoin to other digital currencies, these digital currencies have an endless stream of unlimited supply. In the beginning, some people participated in the digital currency transaction because of the fear of the central bank (country) to issue credit currency at will, hoping to find a currency variety that can permanently maintain purchasing power. The currency can be adjusted automatically Supply, this is the advantage of the modern credit currency system.

5. Buy your own house

As long as it is self-occupied demand, as long as the price can be afforded, buy it quickly, and don’t worry about whether housing prices will rise or fall in the short term. Because the house will rise or fall in the short term, it is very difficult to predict, but living in your own house will immediately improve the quality of your life and you can immediately see it. If you are investing in investment-oriented properties, you should be prepared that house prices will not rise significantly in the short term and may even fall.

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