How did the X-Sportsmen Fall from the Sky Elegantly?

How did the X-Sportsmen Fall from the Sky Elegantly?



When you stare at the blue sky passionately, have you ever considered about anything about the mystery of sky? Some rather different guys expect to drop down from the plane without the help of parachute. For us, ordinary person, it is definitely unbelievable. However, for some others, it is truth. They call it X-Sport. And they know how, derived from human body aero-dynamics.


No.1 Of course, wear parachute when they drop, as nothing in the world can escape from gravity, which will smash everything that collide the ground from high without any protection. But the difference is these X-Sportsmen don’t open the parachutes until there is only 500 meters left to the ground. Before that, they experience the process of dropping freely controlled by the magic gravity, even though the wind tears their face, howls at their ears, contorts their bodies.


No.2 Don’t fall with your limbs in X-shape, as when you stretch your body, it can’t help slowing down your speed of dropping. keep your body in a line or contort your body in stead, so as to decrease the influence of wind, which can help you aim your body to an expected position.


No.3 Try to find something to hold when you are dropping, as the object can help you slow down the speed, especially when they are in the shape of flatness. In fact, as the effect of aero-dynamics, planks have the same effect of parachute, even though much less.


No.4 When you are falling and choosing the landing position, try to evade from water areas. For one thing, in terms of the high speed created by the effect of gravity, water is as hard as the solid materials such as concrete, rock or even steel, which will hurt you or even cause death. For another thing, river or lake is too narrow for your control your definite position to land.


No.5 Choose swamp, snow or grassland as the ideal landing position, for they are soft. Of course, trees are an alternative when you can not find the up-said areas. But if you choose trees as the landing position, you depend in a large portion on your fate, because the branches would impale your body.


No.6 Try to land on your feet, rather than your head, and remember to cover your head anytime when you are landing. Even a cat understand head is the most important organ which should be protected by the limbs.


The above mentioned items are the techniques concluded by the X-Sportsmen, which will be helpful if you one day would like to taste the limitation of dropping from the sky without the help of parachute.

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