The Black Friday—Spend your dollars on saving way

The Black Friday—Spend your dollars on saving way


  1. Space Fighter Building Block Drone

Special price: $40.00, Original price: $53.00


Rather than a Lego or a Star Wars-themed toy for a five years old, this is a real drone with10-12 minutes of flight, exciting as well as good-looking.



  1. Living DNA Ancestry Kit:$69

Sving$30 TODAY


Wanna find out about your overall ancestry, motherline and fatherline? Run a comprehensive test of your own DNA, and discover your own history.



  1. Mission: Impossible 6-movie Blu-ray collection:$20

59% OFF today, Saving$28 immediately


Incomparable watching experience, this set contains all six of the series. Looking forward to feeling the rush to catch the bad guys?




  1. Arcade Machine: $150, half price only


Reminding you of the far old memory of playing arcade games with friends at childhood? This one is just like the one buried deep in your memory, come on pick it up and look for the thrilling feeling.




5.Sceptre 65-inch 4K Ultra HD TV

Deal price:$360, Original Price:$540


It’s a basic-level TV without smarts built in. Well it has four HDMI inputs, so don’t worry about the room to pluge.



6. Introducing Ring Indoor Camera, Deal price: $59.99

This camera can help you watch over your home when you’re not at home. It supports all your Ring devices in the Ring app. It will record the videos for you up to 60 days, so you can share with friends, family.




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7. Kalex Telescopic Fishing Kit & Combo



A you a fishing lover? This combo is perfect for smooth operation. A graphite body and rotor reduces overall weight, while the aluminum spool and handle add strength.



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