The Fascinated Mysterious Places Few People Know About

The Fascinated Mysterious Places Few People Know About


Top 8: Gates of Hell, located in Derweze, Turkmenistan

Once you get close into the desert, you will see the fire burning in the big hole, which is bewitching and intriguing. The big hole was an accident caused by geologists drilling for natural gas. To prevent poisonous gases leakage, the geologists decided to burn it off, but years passed since 1971, it is still burning today.

Top 7: Great Salt Lake, USA

This inland lake is a remnant of Bonneville, the massive ancient Lake. The water is salty. Explorers thought the lake was an extension of the Pacific Ocean or connected to the ocean by a river. Some Indians and early settlers thought the lake was inhabited by a terrible monster with an enormous head.


Top 6: Angel Falls, the world’s highest waterfall located in Venezuela

It was named after the American pilot Jimmy Angel, who landed on the mountain top when searching for god. As the highest waterfall in the world, the fall drops 979 meters and is 150 meters wide at the base. The falls is surrounded by jungles in Canaima National Park, so you can only see the splendid view from the air.


Top5: Dallol volcano in Ethiopia

The Dallol volcano is the lowest sub-aerial volcanic area in the world. A vast area of uplifted thick salt deposits is one of the world’s most spectacular landscape, which was caused by an active volcanic system beneath. Dallol is said to be the hottest place on the planet.


Top 4: Largest Crystals in the World: Giant Crystal Cave, Mexico

The spectacular Giant Crystal Cave was formed from the underground magma with rich minerals, including gypsum. The largest selenite crystals is 11 meters in length, 4 meters in diameter and about 55 tons in weight. Due to the extreme climate, with a constant temperature of 58 °C and high humidity, it is open to scientific investigation only.


Top 3: The Magnificent Lena Pillars in Russia

The Lena Pillars are products of nature’s extreme temperatures, it is located in the world’s coldest city Yakutsk. The climate in the area in the winters is extremely cold and the summers are extremely hot, which helps the creation of these magnificent limestone outcrops.


Top 2: The Ice Cave in Iceland

Image that you’re standing in the ice cave, feeling the heart of Fire and Ice. See the light pouring through fabulous transparent ice and the glorious vibrant blue swirling around you, you will be amazed by the fascinated colors.



Top 1: Rainbow River in Columbia

The Rainbow River is located in Dunellon, Florida, about 20 miles southwest of Ocala, in Marion County. It flows south for half of its length, turning southwesterly for the final half.


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