VERY IMPORTANT! Take these Survival Hacks with You on the Trip

VERY IMPORTANT! Take these Survival Hacks with You on the Trip



Hiking or exploring outdoors, especially in the jungle, you may get into some sticky situations. Knowing about more survival hacks can help you, just with the items at daily use.


No.10: T-shirt water filter


Prepare a T-shirt and two bottles placed in different height, tear off a small piece of cloth from the T-shirt. Connect the cloth from one bottle to another. Put the dirty water in one bottle, leave it for a while, then you will get clean filtered water in the lower container.


No. 9: Make a fire

How to induce spontaneous combustion quickly in the jungle? Get a   egg cardboard box and place a charcoal brick in each of the compartments. Just light one corner with the box closing, you can cook easily. In addition, guitar picks is also a highly flammable material.


No.8: Replacement Batteries

How to get two batteries from one? Try this amaing method. Put a metal screw the same length as your battery into the device along with the battery you already have, it will be too batteries. Aluminum foil also works.



No.7: Herbal Mosquito Repellant

Mosquitoes is always a bothering thing when you’re on trip. If you forgot taking mosquito repellant with you, what would you do? Herbs are like everywhere in the jungle, such as thyme or peppermint leaves. Rub them on your skin, you will feed comfortable.



No. 6: Tampon as First Aid Tool

If you cut yourself accidently deeply outdoors, tampons is a great first aid tool. It’s  small and lightweight, so don’t forget to bring some on your next exploration trip, even if you’re a guy.



No.5 Condoms

A condom is a great way of holding a large amount of water in an emergency. Put the condom in a sock to protect it from punctures and then fill it up with water. You can get around one liter in there, which is easy to carry from place to place.



No. 4: Makeshift Compasses

Well, if you get completely lost, there is a good way to make a compass. You can lay your watch down on a flat surface and point the hour hand to the sun. Bisect the angle between the hour hand and the number 12 on your watch and the center of the angle will point north. This only works in the northern hemisphere.



No.3: Chapstick Survival

If you get a small cut, rub a Chapstick on there. Also, you could rub it on exposed skin to protect it from the extreme cold as a sunscreen. Additionally, you could stick a match in one of these and use it as an instant candle. Even better, you could rub it on kindling to make fire burn for longer. Finally, rub some Chapstick on your shoe hole and it’ll help to seal it up and make it waterproof.



No. 2: Ramen stoves and Crayon candles

You could make a stove out of ramen noodles. Saturate the noodle brick in a flammable liquid, set it alight and you’ll have a nice flat fire which will last for around 20 minutes. Another everyday item that burns in a long, irregular way are wax crayons. Set light to a crayon and it’ll burn for 30 minutes.



No.1: Useful urine

In very hot places, you need to keep cool and stay hydrated. One way to do this is to urinate on a t-shirt and tie it around your head. You can even purify the water with this neat plastic bottle hack. You need to prepare one plastic bottle filled with your dirty water or urine, and the other one should be clean and empty.

Then, simply tape the opening of the bottles together. Place the taped bottles in an area where the sunlight is always shining and wait for most of the water to evaporate into the other bottle and you’ll have clean water.



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