Which was Your Favourite Childhood Cartoon? Ever Dreamed of Living in them?

Not Satisfied with your current House? How about the house in cartoons? Which one is your favourite, Flintstones House, Jetsons House, or Star Wars House? Let me show you how they look like in the real life.


Number 11: The Simpsons House

The replica of Simpson home –a 2,200 square foot home stuffed with 1,500 Simpsons was constructed in 1997 in Henderson Nevada, even the Bart’s tree house and a backyard BBQ are replicated. However, the house was sold in 2001.

Number 10: Flintstone House

The Flintstone House is a free-form, single-family residence in Hillsborough, California. The House was famous for its steel rebar and wire mesh frames over inflated balloons. There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms in that House, in addition, the Flintstone House also been called the barbpapa.


Number 9: Barbie House

Many little girls dreamed of living out there girlish fantasies in Barbie’s sprawling Malibu beach house. Now a 10,000 square-foot pink plastic paradise called Barbie is open in Sunrise Florida. More than a hundred gallons of pink paint and 20 pounds of glitter were used in order to make the house a life-sized replica of Barbie’s Malibu beach house.


Number 8: Minnie Mouse House

If there is such a place in the world that an entire place packed from wall to wall with squealing little girls, the place called Minnie Mouse House. It is painted into cute pink and lavender on the outside and fully equipped with answering machine, popcorn and cakes inside.


Number 7: Up House

Did you still remember the House with balloon in the Disney’s UP? Builders in Harriman Utah resemble Carl and Ellie’s home. They even add a few things, for example, a spacious finished basement.


Number 6: Adams Family Mansion

The Adams family house was built at 21 Chester in 1888. The real house only had two floors. Just like the gothic tower anticipated, the house went through a most unfortunate fate, after several ownership changes, it eventually wound up been demolished to make room for a track.


Number 5: Hobbit House

A photographer Simon Dale used little more than a hammer, a chisel, and a chainsaw, built his three thousand pounds Hobbit House in Wales within four months. The home uses a wood-burning stove for heat and solar panels to collect electricity, which is quite ecologically sustainable


Number4: Hello Kitty House

Can we dreaming of waking up in Hello Kitty house? Of course we can, for the right price. There is an actual Hello Kitty house in Shanghai China with bright pink colors and the Hello Kitty theme everywhere. It is a real dream home for any Hello Kitty fan.


Number 3: SpongeBob Square Pants House

See the picture below, you can tell it is neither an actual pineapple nor at the bottom of the ocean. That is SpongeBob Square Pants House, located in Australia. It is one of many big things that can be seen covering the countryside.



Number 2: Jetsons House

In the 1960s, architects inspired by the Chemosphere in LA and created the Jetsons House. The House looks strangely similar to a UFO with central heating perched on a giant concrete pedestal 30 feet high. This house can survive torrential storms, earthquakes, and possibly in alien invasion.



Number 1: Star Wars House

Recalling the popularity of movies that year, you would know how popular this Star Wars House will be. There are four bedrooms and both its shape and its battleship gray color give it a stark resemblance to the legendary Millennium Falcon. This House is located in Queensland Australia.


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