Seven Shocking Secrets behind the Famous Artworks

Seven Shocking Secrets behind the Famous Artworks

1.Painting of 6-Year-old Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

When Mozart was 6 years old, the artist Pietro Antonio Lorenzoni drawn this wonderful picture in 1763. But what was surprising was the gesture of little Mozart that he was hidden one hand in his clothes. Why is this common gesture so striking? Because Mozart joined in the Mason in his later life and became a freemasonry. This pose is the gesture used by Masonic members to indicate their identity.

 2. ThePortrait of Former President Bill Clinton

This picture was drawn by artist Nelson Shanks during former President Bill Clinton’s administration. Shanks has admitted that he had metaphorized something in the painting. Through the shadow next to Clinton’s right shoulder, we can see that the shape of that shadow is very similar to the shape of the mannequin Monica Lewinsky wore in the jacket.

  1. 3.Mona Lisa

This may be a painting whose fame is almost comparable to that of the painter Leonardo DaVinci. A doctor based on a portrait of Mona Lisa’s eyes concluded that her right eye may have a tumor before. As the research progressed, people saw the letter “LV” in her right eye and the letter “CE” in her left eye. And there’s the number 72 on the bridge’s cove and number 149 beneath the painting. But their meanings are still unsolved mysteries.

  1. 4. The Prophet Zechariah

The Pope Julius II was on the throne when Michelangelo created this painting. The Pope Julius II was named as “Papa terrible” at the time, and many people, including Michelangelo, did not fancy at him. He had shown his attitude in the drawing. There are two babies behind the Zechariah in the picture. Incredibly, one makes a gesture in the bellowing fig which means “F*** you” in ancient times.

  1. The Madonna with Saint giovannino

Creating from the famous Italian artist Dominical Gillan Diyos. People often notice at first glance of the beauty named Mary in the picture. But when people looked closely, they found something like a flying object above Mary’s left shoulder, and there was a man and a dog looking at it on the picture. Gillan’s painting may be suggesting that UFO appeared on Earth as early as ancient times.

  1. 6. The Creation of Adam

Michelangelo’s work depicts the life that God gave to Adam in Genesis. And this creative artwork even opened the gate about symbolic picture in the history. The border lines of color in people around the God are very similar to the outlines of human brain. In the discovery of an American physician Dr. Frank Meshberger in 1990. His supportive evidence is that Michelangelo was enthusiastic about anatomy in his student times.

  1. The Last Supper

This painting was painted by the multi-talented Leonardo DaVinci, who was very accomplished in inventing, science, art and sculpture. But in 2003, Giovanni Maria Paula discovered that The Last Supper revealed a secret more than 500 years, that is, Leonardo DaVinci’s splendid attainments in music. Across the picture, if you draw a staff on it, you will find that the positions of the Apostles’ hands and the breads correspond to the notes on the staff. When you read the score from right to left, as Da Vinci used to do, those notes make up a wonderful piece of music.

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