How to Enjoy Yourself in Immersive Travel?

How to Enjoy Yourself in Immersive Travel?

It is more and more popular that people spend their days in some diverse tourist spots where they can apply the new technology projects. such as Digital art exhibition, Digital art acting, Digital art drama. so what is immersive travel? How can you enjoy it?

Immersive travel is that tourists have an “immersive” feeling through panoramic visual, touch, auditory, olfactory. With the rising of Internet technology and the application of high technology, human beings will enter the era of “time and space shuttle” and “virtual world”, and the tourism industry will also rush into a new era of experience.

Elements of Immersive Tourism

  1. About Eating

Holographic table:

Turn the table into a stage for an interesting show by using projection mapping techniques and motion capture techniques.The table is empty except clean plates, cups, and some cutlery, all of which rely on the projector above. This projector “chef” makes a virtual meal at the table for the customers.

Holographic atmosphere:

360 degree holographic projection technique allows tourists being here just like sitting in the desert, snow mountains, the bottom of the sea with singing birds and fragrant flowers or wind and waves for a dinner. During the meal, all kinds of fish swam their tails around you, the ripples of the sea flowed casually on the table as if you were in a deep-sea blue dream with the water waves.

  1. About Playing

Holographic projection digital exhibition hall

Tourists can view the exhibits in all directions and obtain unprecedented experience of science and technology through 3D and 5D digital scanning and holographic projection, which can greatly enhance the interest of tourists. At the same time, digital exhibits can be activated by motion capture technology, such as activation of primitive organisms and the ancient scene which will bring visitors a strong sensory experience.


The AR app can superimpose the virtual images on the real scene. You just install the app and GPS on your mobile phone, it will combine the navigation with funny interaction perfectly, giving extremely improved experiences.

  1. About Living

VR Hotel-Room projection:

By using VR projection technology, you can control the projection through the application. You can change make the room themes as you want and synchronize the room elements with the projection. Such as changing the light of the room to blue, make the bed moving with the waves, etc. Tourists will have an interactive experience, immersing themselves in the virtual world customized by themselves.

Here are some famous scenic spots for your reference:

1.Puy Du Fou:

Puy Du Fou is only open for half a year, but it attracts about 2 million travelers. It is inextricably linked to its unique performance projects.


Visitors can experience the war breaking out under a 22-meters-high tower in the heavy rain made of special effects.

Ghost Bird Prom(phantom bird dancing):

Visitors can experience the thrill of raptorial birds flying over their heads.

 Puy du Fou Adventures:

Tourists will embark on a surprising journey of time and space, feeling magical effects and going back to the long history from ancient Rome to the French Revolution in the deep of the woods.

2.Disney Star war:

The theme park will build two iconic attractions and provide a trip to the Millennium Falcon spacecraft (inspired by early Star Wars). It will also allow visitors to experience the space war between the First Order and Resistance.

Disney wants to build a real version of the Western World for Star Wars fans, allowing tourists to experience the real interactives according to the storyline, letting everyone fully integrating into a fictional world.

The purpose of this immersive entertainment experience is to make people enter the virtual world and situation and blur the boundary between virtual and reality in a vague way. With the development of technology, these kinds of immersive scenic spots and hotels will let tourists “lost” in special environments with real feelings.

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