You may be the next Warren Buffett after reading these 6 “Investment Bible”!

You may be the next Warren Buffett after reading these 6 “Investment Bible”!

Everyone wants to realize financial freedom as soon as possible, but to be honest, this dream would never come true if you refuse to read any book.

Now, we are presenting you with these 6 classic books that can be called ‘the Investment Bible’! The wisdom and insights from these books would make you a real professional investor!

In the brand new year, the whole new investment strategy for yourself would take shape after reading all these 6 books!

1.《 The Great Game: The Emergence of Wall Street as a World Power》

This book introduces you to a period in which Wall Street grew from a normal small street to the real-world financial center. This legend will show the huge impact of Wall Street on the American economy. There are a lot of stories and data in this book. Readers would witness the development of the American capital market comprehensively and objectively.


Author:Roger Lowenstein. While《The Great Game》shows you history about American capital market, the《Buffett》will show you the real investment god in the American capital market.

How to seek the real investment opportunities and how to use patience and belief to win the market? Let the time be your friend and compound growth takes you to financial freedom.

All the secrets are hidden in this book.

3.《One up on the street: how to use what you already know to make money in the market》

This book focuses on the stock market. As you know, this market is like a brutal abattoir. The huge risk coexists with the huge gains. How to become the final winner? how to beat the professional institutions in this market?

The author tells us that even a normal person can find real investment opportunities in this market and win money from the professional’s pocket!

4.《The Intelligent Investor》

The author of this book is Benjamin Graham. This book can be introduced in this way: for those who want to be the real winner in the capital market, this book must be their first choice.

At the start point of your long journey of investing,《The Intelligent Investor》shows you how to use the scientific way to measure the real value of a stock. You can find a systematic way to become a real professional investor!

5.《John Neff on Investing》

John Neff is not as famous as Peter Lynch, Warren Buffett, but he is also a real investment master. His reputation in the stock market is just next to George Soros, Graham, and Buffett.

Neff, with its low profile, had been leading Windsor Fund for 31 years and he had won the market in 22 years. The total return went to as high as 5500%!

In 1995, when he retired, the total value of the Windsor Fund went to 11 billion dollars, which made it one of the biggest mutual funds in that year.

6.Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Value of Companiesand 《The Dark Side of Valuation:Valuing Young, Distressed,and Complex Businesses》

Why we put two books together? Because they are equally important and classical and both of them share the same topic: valuation.

Investment is based on valuation. The way you carry out valuation determines your future gains or losses.

《The Dark Side of Valuation: Valuing Young, Distressed, and Complex Businesses》, in particular, is so awesome that it even covers the rising internet companies! You can understand all scientific measurements and theories of valuation.

These books are enough for you to learn in this new year.

In conclusion, you should pay efforts to study harder if you want to win the market. I sincerely hope you guys get rich in 2020!

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