Ten Top Cars in The History That You Dont Know About

Ten Top Cars in The History That You Dont Know About

Nowadays, there are all kinds of car models running on the streets. There are petrol cars, diesel cars and electric cars. There are various categories of them, SUVs, sedans and station wagons. In the century of automobiles, 10 cars have a special status in the hearts of fans around the world. Without these 10 cars, it is difficult to imagine what the current car will look like.

1. Ford Model T

The car that came from nobility to ordinary people!
Ford Model T, the world’s first civilian car that can be driven by people. Ford uses assembly line operations to replace the traditional individual hand-made, allowing the cars industry to achieve faster and cheaper production. Today, the Ford Model T is still the eighth most sold car in the world, with 16.5 million produced between 1908 and 1927. In the vote of the world’s most influential car in the 20th century, the Ford Model T became a well-deserved number one.

2. Land Rover Defender

In the era when JEEP became popular in the United States, the British were eager to own a “square box” car, so ROVER imitated JEEP’s “square box” to create the first car and named it Land Rover. The Land Rover Defender is derived from the first Land Rover. It is a pure off-road style and the oldest model in the Land Rover brand. In the era when Land Rover found that it had become a bit “mother”, the Land Rover Defender always insisted the hardcore styling on extreme off-road.

3. Mazda MX-5

Mazda MX-5 is a sports car belonging to young people. It is the world’s best-selling roadster, with a total of 1 million units sold in 2016. The Japanese designed the Mazda MX-5 as an amazing outlook car but extremely reliable sports car. It has an extremely compact proportion, a lightweight design and keen handling. Cheap, fun and reliable, making the Mazda MX-5 a young idol forever

4. Aston Martin DB5

When it comes to sports cars, you will have countless classic sports cars in your mind, but for the UK, Aston Martin DB5 is definitely a national treasure class sports car. The 007 movie makes Aston Martin DB5 as extraordinary as Bond, it makes classic cars a symbol of coolness. Since then, countless car manufacturers have devoted themselves to movie advertisements, trying to build a second Aston Martin DB5, including Aston Martin itself.

5. Ford Model F

The American favorite is undoubtedly the pickup, but the most popular of these is the Ford F-Series. The Ford F-Series has been the best-selling car in the United States since 1986, and it is synonymous with extreme practicality. On American farms, its powerful power, level back bucket can be loaded with a variety of goods and crops, including a family. The first F series was born in 1947 and is now the 13th generation.

6. Audi Quattro

Quattro means 4 in Italian. Audi Quattro – is the pioneer of four-wheel drive high-performance vehicles. This car has changed the face of rally forever, won a brilliant record for Audi, and made Audi’s four-wheel drive technology famous. The Audi Quattro includes an all-wheel drive for all models except for off-road vehicles, because of its enhanced traction, which makes it extremely advantageous on the track or on the road.

7. Ferrari F40

Ferrari F40 is a rare car that all collectors dream of. There are only 1300 cars in the world. People think that the F40 is the best supercar of Ferrari. You can’t remember Enzo and Laferrari but you can’t help but know the Ferrari F40. Today, the Ferrari F40 on the market has been fired up to more than 10 million yuan.
The Ferrari F40 is one of the most iconic cars of all time, the first production car to reach 200 mph (322 km / h), powered by a powerful twin-turbo V8 engine, and this car is also Enzo Ferrari personally approved the last Ferrari made.

8. Lamborghini Miura

People often call it the world’s first supercar, but at first Ferruccio Lamborghini (Lamborghini founder) was not interested in challenging Ferrari. In 1966, when Lamborghini Miura’s prototype P400 participated in the Geneva Motor Show for the first time, it caused a huge sensation. Since then, Miura has become the darling of Lamborghini and has the opportunity for mass production. Lamborghini Miura pioneered the mid-engine two-seater sports car, and also set off a wave of mid-engined sports cars. Miura is indispensable in the world’s most beautiful car list.


Germany has a Volkswagen Beetle, France has a Citroen 2CV, and in the UK, MINI is the car that propels British cars forward. This compact car is not only cheap, affordable, but also very low-cost. MINI’s unique design style has made it sought after by royals and Mrs. Smith. The high-performance version of MINI John Cooper is also known as a giant car killer. Today, this unique and small elf is still running on the streets of Britain. Women all over the world want to own a pink MINI and fulfill their young girl’s dream.

10. Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang, many people think it is the most famous car in the United States. This ambitious car originates from the American Dream on wheels, and it is a personal American dream that everyone can afford. It has appeared in a variety of American movies, including the 007 series “Golden Finger”, “Diamond” and “60 Seconds”. Every American has a Mustang in his heart.

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