A Must-go Place for A Trip to Australia, Perth

A Must-go Place for A Trip to Australia, Perth

Perth has long been known as “the loneliest city in the world” because it stands alone on the west coast of Australia. While Perth’s blue sky is less famous than Sydney and Melbourne, Western Australia, with few visitors, is recommended as the best resort in 2019 by National Geographic.

Because of the Mediterranean climate in Perth, the mild climate and the chic scenery along the Swan River have made Perth a very popular tourist destination. Perth is the top of the list of the world’s best-living cities every year, reflecting that Perth is an excellent city regardless of living environment, quality of life and social welfare. The people’s friendly attitude in Perth was recognized as the world’s friendliest city in 2003. It also ranks among the world’s most livable cities in the Economist Intelligence Unit.

The Perth city includes two parts divided by a Swan River. St. George’s Avenue on the north shore is a concentration of the city’s financial, commercial and government agencies, known as the office street. Haye Pedestrian Street, north of St George’s Avenue, is the commercial hub of Perth. Perth is also where the black swans gather, known as “Black Swan City,” with black swans on the sign of the Western Australia Tourist Office.

There are plenty of famous beaches in Perth that are as beautiful as the Gold Coast in eastern Australia, such as: Kwinana Beach, Brighton Beach, Cottesloe Beach, Swanbourne Beach, Floreat Beach, Scarborough Beach, City Beach, North Beach, Waterman Beach, to and Sorrento Beach and more. Cottesloe Beach is the most popular among tourists with its absolute no-polluting water, while Scarborough is the most popular among locals with its famous surf.

Perth is a gorgeous natural park. There is pure air, well-preserved nature reserves, billowing surf beaches, endless dunes and beautiful seas.

Kings Park sits on Mount Mt. Eliza on the bank of the Swan River and is fairly vast, reaching 400 hectares. On the one hand, the garden is designed to remain as pristine as possible, and on the other hand, it has added many modern facilities to meet visitors’ needs, such as the very famous restaurant Fraser’s Restaurant, a barbecue oven, a greenhouse and a viewing platform that is the best location for panoramic views of Perth. The primitive and modernized Kings Park has unexpected harmony and coordination.

In particular, September to November of each year is the spring of Perth and the season to watch wildflowers bloom. Wildflower festivals are held at Kings Park this time of year for visitors. The vast green grassland suddenly becomes a colorful sea of flowers.

This is the home of Quokka. At present, only this region can find them all over the world. They don’t have natural enemies or fear humans, and they’re like special poses, waiting for tourists to take pictures of themselves. Celebrities and tourists alike have uploaded selfies with baby Quokka to social media. But it’s clear that the real protagonists in those photos are them, and therefore Quokka has been known internationally in recent years on social media.

Because Perth has vast land, houses are usually spacious and comfortable, and most have gardens. The local government even has required owners to plant flowers and plants in the gardens to beautify the environment. Houses are generally bungalows with red tile roof, or buildings and villas with more new styles.

And as a popular destination for tourism, we have to talk about that hotels in the business district of Perth. They are numerous and very modern. Particularly noteworthy is the Pan Pacific Hotel, which serves as an urban oasis along the scenic Swan River, adjacent to Perth’s bustling bar and dining grounds, with nearby main attractions including Barrack Street Jetty, Kings Park, Perth Zoo, Perth Botanical Garden, Elizabeth Dock and Optus Stadium.

Who doesn’t love such a heaven on the earth?

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