Blondie – Debbie Harry

Blondie – Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry, the lead singer of the Blondie, was born in Miami on July 1st 1945. Her real name is Angela Trimble. Debbie Harry is unique in her way of living, her style of dressing and her musical theme. She was regarded as the sexiest woman in the late 1970s. She had many achievements but she refused to be complacent about her past glory and confessed that it would not be easy to look back.

The Troubled Girl’s Childhood:

Under the bright rock star appearance, there are some unknown secrets. She was abandoned by her mother three months after her birth, which had a great impact on her life. She is afraid of separation, to this day, when she was separated from the band at the airport, she felt a kind of fear of being abandoned. It took her longer than her peers to find herself and she had a troubled adolescence. However, she saw through the emptiness of the material world in her early thirties. She had a lot of crazy and dangerous experiences, which she finds interesting.

The Girl Pursues Her Dream in New York:

Before Harry began her singing career, she had done various jobs, including as a Secretary for some time on the BBC, a waitress, a dancer and even a playboy bunny. She began her musical career with The Wind in the Willows but failed. Then she joined The Stilettos in 1974. She met Blondie guitarist Chris Stein during this time, and they formed Blondie, named after Harry’s blond hair. As the main brain of blondes, Harry is always at the forefront of the times, they are the first punk band to embrace disco and released the disco crown single “heart of glass” in 1979. Then they wrote “rapture” in 1981 which is the first rap champion in the United States.

The Brave girl always confronts difficulties:

Debbie Harry wrote an interesting biography called “Face It”, which records the rebellious and ups and downs of the Blondie: from the dirty and chaotic underground in New York to the peak of pop, they had gone through a bad time: one of the band members was addicted to heroin and the band broke up. But after 99 years of reorganization, they ushered in the second spring of music like Phoenix Nirvana.

The Fashionable Rock Queen:

Now many people compare Lady Gaga to Debbie Harry, because both of them are famous for pushing limits and shock audiences with their stage outfits. But Harry is willing to keep her casual style and said, “I like to find some nice clothes to wear, but I won’t take it very seriously.” A friend once said to her, “You are the queen of disguise.” In 2016, she also served as the judge of Rupert’s cross-dressing show. “It’s a great honour to be recognized as part of the cross-dressing culture.” she said.

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