Fresh meat Harvester Madonna has a new relationship again!!!

Fresh meat Harvester Madonna has a new relationship again!!!

In recent years, a lot of people know that Madonna likes “brothers”. But at this time, her boyfriend—— Ahlamalik Williams, who is three years older than Madonna’s daughter—— Lourdes, and Madonna is older than his parents. Facing the age gap of thirty-six years old, Ahlamalik’ s parents do not care too much. They said : “I told my son that there is no age limit in love, as long as both of them are adults. Besides, we are a big fan of Madonna.”

Recently, Madonna has behaved intimately with her little dance partner Ahlamalik Williams on the balcony of Miami. Because it was just at the Miami station of Madonna’s global tours, so the photos released by the media have confirmed the rumour that Madonna is in love with this little fresh meat.

Ahlamalik’s mother Laurie, 55, and father Drue, 59, both work for a law firm in Las Vegas.

According to foreign media, Madonna and her boyfriend have known each other for nearly five years and have been dating each other for one year. The two met in 2015 when the men took part in the American talent show and he starred as Michael Jackson. When Madonna saw the video of his dancing, she was very interested. Later, She immediately invited him to participate in her tour.

After the media exposure, the “Intergenerational love” caused a heated discussion, but Ahlamalik’s parents quite support them. “We have nothing to worry about because Madonna told us that she loves my son and will take care of him,” Drue said in an interview with British media. “We also know that there’s a huge age gap between them, and Madonna is two years older than me.” “But I told my son there is no age limit in love.”

“I asked my son how he felt about her, and he said he had never been so happy.” Mother Laurie said that she and her father Drue are both loyal fans of Madonna. Although they are afraid that their son will be “hurt” by the first-line diva, they feel that Ahlamalik is very talented and the two are very compatible. Laurie and Drue believe Madonna will support Ahlamalik for his talent. Besides dancing, Ahlamalik is also a composer. “I even think they will get married in the future,” Laurie and Drue said in an interview. Madonna has mapped out her future with Ahlamalik.

“He has a lot of respect for Madonna, but he doesn’t want to brag too much. Although he is humble, he also expresses his own feelings. That’s why Madonna loves him so much. ” According to Drue, Madonna has met the man’s parents before. But when Ahlamalik first met Madonna, he had a girlfriend at that time. Because his girlfriend was jealous of the relationship and interaction between him and this superstar, so they finally broke up. At present, it seems that their relationship is on the right track.

Ahlamalik has been on Madonna’s performing tour twice, has met her six children, who got along well with him and even met her first husband Sean Penn. “I believe Madonna is ready to take Ahlamalik to the rank and fashion,” Drue said. “Although he is not a star yet, it will be a new challenge for him.”

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