It is a revolution!

OSLO, January, 18, 2018.

Text by Patricia Basseto

This video should be an inspiring video, a testimonial from someone telling about how their life will change after receiving solar panels. More than just inspiration, the video of Boris made us reflect.

The passion and joy with which Boris tells us how excited he is to receive the solar panels of Power Up throws at us the difficult conditions of life for those who do not have access to electricity.

Simple things like studying, working or even going to the bathroom become extremely difficult without light and also unsafe. Women and children are exposed to unnecessary risks. Pollution from charcoal used for lamps can kill.

The money spent is a lot of in one of the poorest areas of the world.

A woman in her shop. Pic by Elisabeth Stava. Godijboue, 2017.


Access to clean energy means that women will be more secure in performing nightly activities, including going to the bathroom, meaning children doing homework, even being able to have fun with friends on the street, but also being able to inform, communicate, connect your cell phone, you can listen to a song whenever you want. It means having more light, more opportunities, means inclusion and the fact that this energy is clean and renewable means also surviving without dying from diseases caused by exposure to toxic substances to merely perform daily activities.

Boris says it will be a revolution, it is a revolution and will bring you a life with less difficulties, cleaner, simpler and more comfortable comfort.

The revolution is a drastic change and it is this kind of change we dream about: changes that can include people and make life simpler and healthier.

Boris says that Power Up is a revolution, we think that actually all of us, is making a revolution, everyday. We all have the opportunity to revolutionize something. What is your revolution for today?

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